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Recommended today: How much is the price of Tongren DN1000 FRP inspection well

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Brand: Warham
model: complete
specification: Round, rectangular
unit price: 160.00 RMB / each
Order: 1
Total Supply: 15246
Delivery period: 天内发货 Shipped within 2 days from buyer's payment
location: Hengshui City, Hebei
Valid until: long term effective
Updated: 2019-07-28 15:50
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[Recommended today: How much is the price of Tongren DN1000 FRP inspection well]

Recommended today: How much is the price of Tongren DN1000 FRP inspection well

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Recommended today: How much is the price of Tongren DN1000 FRP inspection well

FRP parts are generally made by hand lay-up process. They have the characteristics of pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, etc., and are widely used in sub-interfaces and reducers of sewage treatment, chemical industry, metallurgy, nuclear power, shipbuilding and other industries.

Recommended today: How much is the price of Tongren DN1000 FRP inspection well

1. Corrosion resistance of glass fiber reinforced plastic pipeline: Choose different types of anti-corrosion lining resins, which can be applied to different types of acids, alkalis, salts and various oils, seawater and organic solvents.

2. The operating temperature of the glass fiber reinforced plastic process pipeline is below 80 ° C, which is suitable for operation in a variety of different soils and suitable application scope:
①. Transportation of drinking water; ②. Sewage discharge; ③. Seawater transportation; ④. Circulating water pipelines of power plants; ⑤. Transportation of corrosive media in chemical enterprises; ⑥. Oil and gas transportation; ⑦. Agricultural irrigation
3. FRP process pipes are light in weight, simple in protection, and durable.

Recommended today: How much is the price of Tongren DN1000 FRP inspection well

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4. FRP process pipeline device is simple: the length of FRP process pipeline is not restricted by skills, but for transportation considerations, the pipe length is generally within 12m, so the required joints are greatly reduced. Because FRP is light in weight, it can also be selected Craft or light installation equipment, then installation is more convenient and convenient.
5. The applicability of glass fiber reinforced plastic process pipelines is strong: The existing specifications of our company's glass fiber reinforced plastic pipelines range from 25mm to 4000mm in diameter. The long-term pressure resistance of the pipeline can generally be within 1.6Mpa. According to the special needs of users, higher pressures can reach 6.4Mpa. the above.
6. The glass fiber reinforced plastic process pipeline has high transportation ability: the inner wall lubrication of the pipeline is N≤0.0084. It has higher flow capacity than traditional materials of the same diameter, saves pump energy, and extends engineering and equipment life.
7. Low penetration-seepage rate of FRP process pipelines: Because of the excellent sealing connection and longer pipe length, FRP pipes have lower penetration-seepage rates than traditional data pipes, which greatly reduces the impact of groundwater. The penetration of the pipeline also reduces the pollution of soil and groundwater by the seepage of the medium.
Recommended today: How much is the price of Tongren DN1000 FRP inspection well

8. The life cycle cost of the FRP process pipeline is low. Because FRP products have a longer service life, there is no need to protect them, and the installation and transportation costs are low-level. Therefore, the FRP life cycle cost is low from the perspective of total economic benefits. .

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