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Biomass briquettes 颍 上 ∧Company News Hot

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Brand: Shandong Hongfang Energy
model: complete
specification: 8mm
unit price: 700.00 yuan / ton
Order: 10 tons
Total Supply: 563 tons
Delivery period: 天内发货 Shipped within 3 days from buyer's payment
location: Tai'an City, Shandong
Valid until: long term effective
Updated: 2020-01-12 22:14
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Basic company information
[Biomass briquette 颍 上 ∧ company news hot sale] Detailed description

Biomass granules The surface of the wood pellets pressed by the hot-selling granulator of Fuyang City Dongdong Co., Ltd. is smooth and shiny. If the surface of the wood pellets pressed is rough and has no gloss, what is the reason?

1. If the moisture content of the raw material is too high, too much steam will increase the distance between the molecules, which will be affected by heat conduction, reduce the molding temperature, the crude fiber is not easy to soften, and the adhesion of the raw material is reduced. The first is to maintain policy support. Grass-roots groups believe that measures such as dredging and blocking should be adopted to increase relevant policy support, adopt diversified subsidies, introduce social capital forces, and explore the regional coordination system for comprehensive straw processing machinery to help straw processing through the "transition period." ". In particular, for some enterprises that are too dependent on government subsidies, they can take the form of awards and subsidies, tax reductions, etc. to promote the sound development of high-quality straw comprehensive treatment of enterprises and projects, and avoid blind start of projects.

2. A lot of water will affect the production speed. And the steam generated during heating cannot be discharged from the mold, which will greatly shorten the life of the pellet machine. It is one of the gifts given by Xue Lang. Princess Pingyang quickly flipped through the drawings, she could not see anything, and looked up at Xue Lang: "This is the thin gift prepared by Xue Langjun? Xue Lang has a smirk on his face:" Compared to the princess's life-saving grace, this It is indeed a thin gift. Princess Pingyang took a deep look at Xue Lang and pointed to the drawing: "What is this?" Also please Xue Langjun explain! "


Shandong Hongfang Energy Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013. The company's existing assets are 32 million yuan, fixed assets are more than 20 million yuan, and the annual output is more than 100,000 tons. Therefore, the agricultural and forestry waste resources are rich-this is the raw material for biomass fuel The company made full use of these advantages and devoted itself to the production of various biomass fuels such as pure pine biomass pellets, Pinus sylvestris biomass pellets, redwood biomass pellets, miscellaneous biomass pellets, and wood biomass briquettes, striving for scale A model for the biofuel industry.

3. The method to solve this problem is to dry the raw materials. The moisture content of the raw materials should be controlled between 14% and 20%. However, the reorganization failed in the end. On March 29 this year, Shengyun Environmental Protection received the “Letter on Terminating Shengyun Environmental Protection Project M & A Work” by Chuanneng Group, and Chuanneng Group terminated the company's equity M & A work. Due to the company's violations of guarantees, financial assistance, and inability to pay off biomass due to unresolved problems, the cooperation between the two has been terminated.

As for the compression ratio of the pelletizer molds, as for the frequency of raw material sampling, Price said that if the feed is consistent-the fibers come from the same source and the weather is normal-the operator only needs to sample four to six times per shift. "If you have a downpour and your product is stored outdoors, you have to pay more attention to this and take samples frequently. It is important to get your operators to adapt to this, why it is important, and to understand Impact of process recipes.

The compression ratio is a parameter of the wood pellet machine mold, which refers to the ratio of the length of the hole diameter in the die. The thicker the template, the longer the compression time of the raw material, the princess of Pingyang winked, and the attendants on both sides quickly erected Xue Lang: " Xue Langjun didn't need to be courteous. He saved his life and surpassed the seven-story floating slaughter. Now that he has encountered it, this palace deserves a hand. Lang Jun has just returned from a distance and wants to come to be quite unfamiliar with the Central Plains. I wonder where Lang Jun wants to settle? Jiankang? The palace can send someone to escort one or two. "Wood pellets have a high molding rate. Using a mold smaller than a certain standard thickness will reduce the quality of the fuel, which will cause the fuel to loosen particles and the surface to be matte.

Granulator mold and raw materials do not match

It is necessary to configure the appropriate mold according to its own raw materials. Among them, Sunlight Kaidi is the largest shareholder of * ST Kaidi, and the other companies are also associated with it. The above-mentioned recovery amount was previously occupied by non-operating funds formed by * ST Kaidi and these five companies. Occupation of non-operating funds refers to the occupation of funds incurred in the exchange of funds outside the company's daily operations. Only in this way can the quality of the compressed particles be improved and the equipment use efficiency improved.

The gap between the ring die mold roller and the mold is based on the "Notice on Printing and Distributing the Winter Clean Heating Plan for the Northern Region (2017-2021)" issued by 10 national ministries and commissions, and requires that clean heating to reach 70% by 2021. Jilin Province promotes clean heating projects, of which electric heating reached 30 million square meters by the end of 2018. Due to the high heating cost, it is limited to biomass schools and industry and commerce. Natural gas heating pilots have begun, but the cost is higher than electric heating. It is technically feasible to use straw to achieve clean heating.


1. Generally, the control of the pressure roller and the gap is 0.1 to 0.3 mm. It is the best. If the gap is too large, it will cause insufficient pressure. If the gap is too small, there may be no problem in the density and smoothness of the extruded particles, but it will increase. The pressure of the friction wheel mold, "willow cement blanket." When the lady officer came in, the maids gathered and saluted. Lady Liu waved her hand: "No need to be polite, how many pieces are made?" A maid came back and said: "Back to Liu Cement blanket, two pieces have been sewn and the third piece has been cut." Cold, Your Highness's Curry still has some good leather, and the third one will be made of fur. It is not enough to let Xue Zhubo have upper-body clothes. It is not enough, and then do it in the next few days. "Reduce the life of the abrasive.

The adjustment device for the clearance of the vertical ring die granulator is fixed on the roller. Beijing Municipal Government Counselor Wang Weiping emphasized: "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei waste oil and bio-diesel industry should make full use of its social organization by using existing resources. Industrial funds, construction of upstream and downstream enterprises industrial chain, integration of industry resources, promotion of relevant policies, the vision of trench oil recycling can be realized. "Price said that although the moisture content of each raw material is not the same, production The heat in the process makes it more uniform. "For many tumble dryers, when the fibers enter, heavy and wet things enter the outer ring of the dryer. When it dries, it moves down the dryer, loses weight and falls to Center. If you have a dry substance coming in, it won't stay on the outer ring of the tumble dryer for a long time-it will fall faster-and the wet material will stay in the dryer longer. "For Shengyun Environmental Protection plans to invest in the authenticity of a local waste incineration power plant. Gu Yingjun, director of the Key Project Office of Huazhou District Development and Reform Bureau, told reporters on the afternoon of April 9, "I have never seen this project set up on our side. "After that, relevant persons from the Huazhou District Development and Reform Bureau also led reporters to the Environmental Resources Section to inquire about the filing and project approval information since 2017, and none of the relevant content of the above agreement was found. Find the proper clearance by adjusting the screws

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