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Lantern production company combines practicality and art at different venues at night

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Updated: 2019-07-13 11:34
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Basic company information
[Combination of practical and artistic performances of different venues at night for lantern manufacturers] Detailed description

生产公司夜间不同场地实用与艺术结合 Lantern production company combines practicality and art at different venues at night

火爆全国,国际灯光艺术节让中国火了一把,气势宏大的 花灯 让游客眼前一亮惊叹不已,吃喝玩乐配套项目让 花灯 达到高潮。 The lanterns are hot all over the country, and the International Lighting Art Festival has made China a fire. The magnificent lanterns make visitors amazed and the supporting, eating, drinking and fun supporting projects bring the lanterns to a climax. 2016正月春节里全国各地例如夫子庙、徐州潘安湖灯光庙会、韩城灯光庙会现场京、鲁、甘、翼车牌到处可见。 According to investigation reports, during the 2016 Lunar New Year in the country, license plates for Beijing, Shandong, Gansu, and Wing can be found everywhere in the country, such as the Confucian Temple, Xuan Pan'an Lake Lighting Temple Fair, and Hancheng Lighting Temple Fair. 花灯 造型,到现代流光溢彩,火树银花,灿若星汉,设计新颖奇葩的灯饰。 From the 5,000-year-old Chinese traditional lantern style, to the modern Ambilight, the fire tree silver flower , the bright star, the novel and wonderful lighting design. 花灯 2016年大放异彩。 From the press release of the Great Hall of the People, to the broadcast of CCTV news, to the broadcast of radio, to the promotion of WeChat, etc., the lanterns shined in 2016.

花灯 艺术节让中国景区文化城赚足了眼球,不但得无比的荣耀,还带了盛大的名气、人气和众口一致的赞美声。 There is no doubt that this year's Lantern Festival has attracted the attention of China's Scenic Spot Cultural City. Not only has it received incomparable glory, it has also brought its grand fame, popularity and unanimous praise. What is the market behind the fire-flavored flowers and dances in 2016? 花灯 最好的反省与诠释。 Think and calm our best reflection and interpretation of artistic lanterns .

After the reform and opening up, energy, building materials, chemicals, and power production have emerged with great success, and the Chinese economy has quickly entered the trade base of large manufacturers. With the continuous deepening of the sustainable development of the economy, China's environmental protection pressure is increasing, and the country's modernization of urban construction and green ring environmental protection construction is constantly improving.

China's modern industrial chain is turning gorgeously, allowing tourism, environmental protection, and green energy to be used to the maximum.

花灯 则是撬动景区旅游产业腾飞的支点,各个城市都在不断完善,持续创新,追求完美。 It is a strategic measure to create an excellent tourist city, and the lantern is the fulcrum to promote the take-off of the tourist industry in the scenic spot. Each city is constantly improving, continuously innovating, and pursuing perfection. 之机,补齐城市短板,让我们的城市每个角落都亮起来,美起来。 The lantern mechanism complements the shortcomings of the city, making every corner of our city bright and beautiful.

花灯 出租旅游人气的支点,那 花灯 的经济增长点在那里体现呢? As the fulcrum of the popular tourist attraction of lantern festivals, the Light Arts Festival , where is the economic growth point of lantern festivals reflected? 投资在产品上的钱叫 “资本”, 花灯 投入产出是资本流通的永恒话题, 花灯 获得最大利润是资本的本质属性, 花灯 没有利润的投入叫做 “亏损”。 The money invested by lanterns in products is called "capital". The input and output of lanterns is an eternal topic of capital circulation. The maximum profit of lanterns is the essential attribute of capital. The investment of lanterns without profits is called "loss".

出租带动旅游产业:旅游是现代社会中居民的一种短期性的特殊生活方式,这种生活方式的特点是异地性、业余性和享受性。 Lantern rental promotes the tourism industry: Tourism is a short-term special lifestyle of residents in modern society. This lifestyle is characterized by off-site, amateur and enjoyment.

出租 花灯 目的性在于 :环保、娱乐、宗教活动、 花灯 活动。 The purpose of renting lanterns is : environmental protection, entertainment, religious activities, lantern activities.

花灯 ,制作成本相当高 ,有些机械 花灯 需要花费上百万的成本,如果仅仅用一次的话,就会造成极大的浪费。 The production cost of a large group of mechanical lanterns is quite high . Some mechanical lanterns cost millions of dollars. If they are used only once, it will cause great waste. 花灯 There is also no light show, and the organizers are willing to spend so much money to make a large set of mechanical lanterns . 花灯 ,耗时很长,有的灯组甚至需要一年的时间才能制作完成。 And it takes a long time to make a large set of mechanical lanterns , and some lights even take a year to complete.

花灯 的厂家,为了经营方式的灵活多变,为了灯展举办方的便利。 Our factory is a manufacturer specializing in the production of mechanical lanterns . For the flexibility of the management methods and the convenience of the organizers of the light show. In order to improve the grade of the light show. 花灯 都以租赁为主。 The mechanical lanterns we make are mainly leased.

花灯 但厂家不多,因为要出租的话,就要有库房来存放这些机械 花灯 ,而且每年要花费大量的人力物力来进行翻新整修。 Large-scale lanterns are leased, but there are not many manufacturers, because if they are to be rented, there will be a warehouse to store these mechanical lanterns , and every year it will cost a lot of manpower and resources to carry out renovation and renovation. What's more important is that the place where the light show is held cannot be held locally. To bring the light group to the outside, high shipping costs are required. Thirty to forty percent of leasing costs are transportation costs. 20%的库房成的。 There are also 20% of the warehouse. The remaining cost is the labor cost. 花灯 厂家都不愿意这样租赁。 The profit of the lessor is very low, so most lantern manufacturers are unwilling to lease this way.

Lantern production company combines practicality and art at different venues at night
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