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Chinese lantern design and production

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[Chinese lantern design and production of modeling lantern traditional food design] Detailed description
Chinese lantern design and production

Lantern Festival in China   The lantern culture at the Lantern Festival has a long history, is extensive and profound, and many of its branches have different degrees of symbolic significance. Rice dumplings are food exclusively for the Lantern Festival.

Each festival in China has its own specific diet, such as dumplings for dumplings, moon cakes for Mid-Autumn Festival, and dumplings for the Spring Festival. On the fifteenth of the first month of the first month, it is rice dumplings. However, the lanterns in Zigong   “上元圆” ( “粉圆'' ) 、“米圆子 " 、“ 花灯 In the lantern festival, the Lantern Festival did not eat rice dumplings at first, and boiled congee during the Northern and Southern Dynasties. In the Tang Dynasty, they used noodle seals and Jiaojiao. In the Northern Song Dynasty, people used rice noodles as pills, called "Shang Yuan Yuan" ( "粉 圆 ' ' ) , "Mi Yuanzi " , " Fancy lantern   ”、“粉果”。人们发现,水煮圆子和汤吃下,又充饥又解渴,而且糯米( 或粳稻米 ) 作粉,包上各种香甜馅儿更可口,于是,吃汤圆的习俗从此便流传开来,经久不衰,难怪周必大诗云:“星灿乌云里,珠浮浊水中。 Lantern Festival round , "" Fruit fruit. "People found that boiled boiled dumplings and soup eaten, hunger and thirst quencher, and glutinous rice ( or japonica rice ) as flour, coated with a variety of sweet fillings is more delicious. Customs have been circulating since then, and they are enduring. No wonder Zhou Bida said: "In the stars and dark clouds, the beads float in the turbid water.

“元宵”英文名( Lantern Festival )之俗在各地的方志中多有记载:《直隶志书》载定州于上元日“系烟 huoyao 炮于高棚,自下燃之,次达于顶。设 花灯 The custom of the Lantern Festival commonly known as the Lantern Festival in the Lantern Festival is recorded in the local chronicles: "Zhi Li Zhi Shu " contains the predecessor of "the tobacco huoyao in the high shed," which was burned from the ground , Times reached the top. Set lantern   Lanterns will be on the tower, looking like stars. Take oily rice noodles as a diet. '九女封',以占吉凶”。又有曲周县于上元前后“为元宵,人家再祀天地祖先,村落结山棚,捉傀儡,会酒食。 On the eve of the 16th, it was placed in a paper kettle with a fragrant case named " Nine Women's Seal" to celebrate the good and bad. "There is also Quzhou County around the Yuan Dynasty" for the Lantern Festival, people worship the ancestors of heaven and earth, the village Grow a mountain shed, catch a cricket, and drink and eat. City street heart hanging lantern   Lantern Festival. ……席间张花灯 Or picking notes as a joint sentence ...   '元宵'。 Lantern festival, bait powder for pill set soup, called 'Lantern Festival'.

“元宵为粘糕面茧,俗为'乞蚕'及元宵圆以献祖先,馈亲友,惟新亲为盛,佐以衣物酒果花火花灯 "The Book of Henan" contains Xianning County's "Cocoons for sticky cakes and noodles in the Lantern Festival, commonly known as " Begworm " and Lantern Festival Yuan to present ancestors and feed relatives and friends, but the new relatives are flourished, accompanied by clothing, wine, fruit, sparks   Lantern Festival candle belongs to the 16th Zigong Lantern Festival   '宁花灯 Among the results of the lantern festival, there is a light group called 'Ninghua Lantern   ',贫富有差。 Lantern Festival ', poor and poor. 《浙江志书》载海宁县之“上元菊花 花灯 "The Book of Zhejiang" contains the "Shangyuan Chrysanthemum Lantern " in Haining County   The lantern festival is the most advanced and the most popular in Shuangmiao. ' 花灯 Dancing with the Chinese drums and drums, it is the second best of Ningyi.   ”。 The lanterns are round . "

“元宵悬花灯 "The Book of Jiangxi" contains Yongfeng County's Lantern Festival Lanterns   '上元圆'。 Lantern Festival in the middle hall, with rice noodles as maru phase, called 'Shang Yuan Yuan'.

“元宵”,则是以甜馅儿为主,“自十三日至十七日五天.谓之' 花灯 The "Lantern Festival" in Beijing is dominated by sweet stuffing. "Five days from the 13th to the 17th. It's called the lantern."   ',各商店均陈列花灯 Lantern Festival 'with lanterns displayed in all stores   Lantern Festival, each resident also lit lanterns in front of the stove king   Lantern candle. The Lantern Festival is eaten in these days, that is, the pearls wrapped in rice noodles are filled with sugar. 见《北京輶轩录新年佳话” " ( See" New Year's Eve in Beijing Xuanlu "

“元宵者,搓糯米粉,包桂花卤于中,而为团,可以象月圆也" In "A Chronicle of Yizheng", there is also a definition of the Lantern Festival: the so-called "Lantern Festival, rub the glutinous rice flour, package sweet-scented osmanthus in the middle, and as a group, can be like a full moon " .

People have the custom of eating dumplings, and the court ca n’t go outside.   Lantern Festival? “上元节亦称元宵节,由于是夕有吃浮圆子的习俗,后竟将浮圆子称为'元宵,。 According to Wan Yi: "The Shangyuan Festival is also known as the Lantern Festival. Because it is the custom to eat floating Yuanzi on the evening, it was actually called the Yuanyuan.

On this eve, not only do folks eat Lantern Festival, but also the Lantern Festival in the palace dinner these days.   Before the garden was burned by British and French invaders, there were more fireworks in the mountains and high waters than in the park, so that the New Year's activities   中结束。 Finished in 11 . ( 见《故宫博物院院刊清代宫俗与民俗》 l 985 2 P47) '' ( See The Palace Museum and Folk Customs of the Qing Dynasty in the Journal of the Palace Museum ) l 985 2 P47)   Once the custom of the Lantern Festival in the Yuan Dynasty was formed, it was endowed with a cultural meaning. First, it symbolized reunion and auspiciousness; second, it could be a divination.

“元夜家制元宵团相饷,又大者为鹅卵,人视火候以占生产”。 According to the "Book of Huguang", De'an Prefecture met with each other during the Lantern Festival of Lantern Festival, and the older ones were geese.

And Wuyuan County, Henan will be the lantern on the 14th, 16th and 16th of the first month   “晚间,以米面制成之花灯 Lantern Festival, "In the evening, lanterns made of rice flour   ' 花灯 Lanterns are lightened, add a little oil, and place them everywhere, which is called ' flower lantern '   Lantern Festival ,. When the children are serving nobody   '渝花灯 Lantern will steal back chewing, called 'Yu Hua Lantern   ',意谓此花灯 Lantern Festival 'means this lantern   The lantern festival is a thing of the gods. Light up   “大观花灯 At the end of the lantern festival, men, women, and children, all dressed up in costumes and traveling together, called the "Grand View Lantern"   ”,又曰'消百病,。” ( 见《沘源县之 花灯 " Lantern Festival ", also said 'elimination of all diseases,' " ( see" The Lantern Festival in Wuyuan County "   ) Lantern Festival )

Lantern   At the beginning of the Lantern Festival culture, it had an aesthetic quality. “家园情怀”,即向那最初的性灵之家复归,而艺术之为艺术的基点也正在于此;此次,“美感乃是一种解放感” ( 黑格尔语 ) ,而 花灯 First of all, it constitutes "home feelings" for people , that is, returning to the original home of the spiritual soul, and the basis of art is here; this time, "beauty is a sense of liberation" ( Hegel ) While the lantern   The Lantern Festival culture has such a satisfying function, it enables people to achieve freedom and relief. Based on the above two points, make the lantern   The infiltration, integration and integration of lantern festival culture and art series become possible.

Chinese lantern design and production

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